No-Bake Chocolate & Cake Pops – Lollipops | チョコ&ケーキポップ オーブン無しバレンタインレシピ | Emojoie Cuisine

No-Bake Chocolate & Cake Pops – Lollipops | チョコ&ケーキポップ オーブン無しバレンタインレシピ | Emojoie Cuisine

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Ganache 12 pcs
100g 55-60% chocolate
80g whipping cream

Cake pops 12 pcs
150g sponge cake
30g white chocolate
15g whipping cream

300g pâte à glacer(Dipping Chocolate)

30g white chocolate
30g ruby chocolate
Nuts, dried fruits

Dipping Chocolate

Pâte à Glacer Brune | Cacao Barry
Dark compound, with no need for tempering, in an intense dark colour which will provide the perfect shine for your creations


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